This page was blank for some time because I thought the stories I am telling are more important than talking about myself. But then, I was thinking, that maybe there is something I can say about me.

First of all, I am not paid to write so all my stories reflect only my personal opinion. I am always trying to reflect the reality. But do not forget, it is the reality the way I see it.

I do not have cookies, I do love them especially chocolate ones but here on this site, I do not have any. Google Analytics might count you though. I hope you do not mind

Second of all…

Who am I?

Let me think…Well, I am a photographer, that`s why all the pictures you see are mine. I am sort of moments catcher. All my pictures are capturing moments of my life.

I am a florist, maybe that’s why I am so fascinated by nature. I am looking for inspiration in nature. I am looking for healing in nature. I am always looking for extraordinary landscapes everywhere I go. Surprisingly I do find those where least expected.

I am a writer. No. No the kind you imagine, the only thing I am publishing is this blog. Although, I always wanted to be a writer, even when I was a kid. In a way, my wish came true, I am a sort of writer now, although not the kind I have imagined.

I am a history buff. Many time in my childhood I was fantasizing that I will become an archaeologist, travel the world and make surprising discoveries. Actually, I was seeing myself as a historian Jules Verne. At that time I haven’t heard of Indiana Jones so Jules Verne`s characters were my role models. The history of the places I am seeing in my travels is very important to me and I am always doing research and trying to understand what I have seen and put things into perspective.

I am a geology buff. The stories of a place are written in stone as well and those stories are as fascinating as those written on paper. This is definitely explaining my fascination for volcanic islands.

I haven’t said yet that I am a traveller. Yes. I am a traveller, but so are you if you are here. As a fellow traveler, you understand why I do not need to explain why I am a traveller. And besides, you are here to read about the places I have discovered. Now, I should let The Lonely Traveler do the talking…

Enjoy your reading and thank you for passing by.



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  • Hi Mirela: We are planning our first trip to Spain next March and will be driving from Toledo to Seville in one day. We want to stop at Trujillo for a few hours. How many hours did you spend there? Did you go into any of the museums or climb up to the castle? We should be there by 1030 and really should leave at 2. Is that enough time to get a feel for the city? Btw I’m so impressed with your travels and photos!

    • Hello Selina. Thank you. The places I am seeing make the pictures look beautiful.
      Toledo is also amazing and I think three hours and a half are enough to see everything worth to be seen. I went up to the castle and entered a few churches, walked on the streets and I love it. I think I spent close to two hours. I wish I could have stayed more but I was on my way to Portugal and many miles away from my destination. Extremadura is fascinating and I plan to return and deepen my exploration. Wish you a great vacation and let me know what you think about it!!!

  • Hi mirela, could you like to permitte me using your beautiful pict for my posting … ? … thank you very much

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