A Winter Tale

January, and it is Winter. Precisely the moment I dislike the most in a year. I look around me and I see everything immersed in a state of numbness. Every day I am hunting for a glimpse of a lost … Read More

The Window

The Window The window to my imagination… Woke up with the sun in my mind and the first thing I did was to run to the window and look outside being so eager for any traces of sunlight. It was … Read More

The Noise Beyond Stillness

The Noise Beyond Stillness Seeing a statue always makes me think about Irving Stone`s book “The Agony and Ecstasy“, and automatically  I am trying to imagine the artist facing a huge piece of rock trying to see inside it the … Read More

Till we meet again…

  Till we meet again… All to good things come to an end … so it did my vacation.. Probably the worst moments are when after a great vacation you find yourself immersed again in your daily routine.When memories although … Read More

Parga Vacation

Parga Vacation  It is coming … Is that time of the year, again, the time for a vacation!!!!!! So, I pack my bags, take Salman Rushdie`s “Satanic Verses“ with me and off I go..To Greece..again.I do not really know why … Read More


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